Asus Strix RGB PMMA tube replacement guide

This guide will aid in resolving the common issue of fading PMMA tube on Asus Strix GPUs causing half of the GPUs rgb to be emitted.


Please consult with the manufacturer should you have any concerns regarding the voiding of warranty.

We offer this as a guide only and accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur either direct or indirect.


  • Small star screw driver
  • Flat screw driver (optional)
  • 5-10 Minutes
  • 2 x PMMA tubes


Step 1: Remove the 3 screws located 1 under each fan


Step 2: Remove the 3 screws on the edge of the card located on the PCIE slot side


Step 3: Remove the shroud from the heat-sink, the fans will stay attached to the heat-sink and only the shroud should separate.

NB: Be careful of the cable located at the rear of the card that connects the board to the shroud, this can be left plugged in or unplugged to allow extra mobility


Step 4: Remove the old PMMA tubes from the shroud, you may use a flat screwdriver or similar in order to pry the tubes out of the retaining clips.

NB: Please be extra careful when removing the tubes as to not damage any of the retaining clips.


Step 5: Install the replacement PMMA tubes being cautious to not apply to much force that may crack the tube.


Step 6: Reattach the shroud to the heat-sink, be sure to reconnect the cable if you had disconnected it in step3.

Step 7: Install the GPU into your PC and enjoy full RGB