ASIC Miner Silencer Box - WiFi

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Please chose model based on miner:

All models except E9 Pro

All Single 140mm Fan Models

Iceriver KS1, KS2, KS3L, KS3M, KS5L
Antminer E9 Pro
Antminer E9

Introducing the Deluxe WiFi Silencer Box, specifically engineered to significantly reduce the noise generated by your ASIC miner, providing a quieter mining environment without compromising performance.

Equipped with a powerful 200W pure copper wire motor, this silencer box ensures optimal airflow and heat dissipation to keep your miner running smoothly while effectively minimizing noise levels.

Crafted with high-density PVC soundproof and fireproof construction, effectively reducing noise levels while providing superior insulation and safety.

Featuring strategically positioned air inlets and outlets, the box enables hot and cold air containment by circulating air and dissipating heat separately.

For added convenience, the box supports manual and remote fan speed control via the Tuya Smart app, allowing you to customize settings remotely for optimal performance.

Each unit includes 8-meter aluminum flex ducting for easy installation and versatility, ensuring efficient airflow management in your mining setup.

With its advanced design and safety features including windless power failure, high-temperature protection, and dual overheating protection probes, the Deluxe WiFi Silencer Box offers peace of mind and reliability.

Experience a significant reduction in noise levels, up to 40 decibels, with this premium silencer box, designed to enhance your mining setup with superior performance and noise reduction.

1x Insulated Miner Silencer Box
1x 8m 160mm Alu Flexi Ducting
2x Temperature Probes
2x Duct Flange
2x Duct Clamp
1x Miner Power Cable
1x Fan Spoofer Set

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