EPS CPU 8 Pin to Dual PCIE 8 (6+2) Pin Power Cable

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This cable accepts a CPU (EPS ) input from your power supply and outputs to 2x 6+2Pin PCIe connectors with correct pinout.



Cable Length: 20cm

Wire Guage: 18 AWG

Connector A: 1 x EPS (CPU) 8pin Female

Connector B: 2 x 8(6+2)pin PCIe Male

Voltage:12V DC

Use your extra CPU cable to power your GPUs/Risers

NB: This is NOT a regular PCIe 8pin splitter cable, should you require a regular PCIe 8pin splitter cable:

20cm Premium PCIe 8Pin Splitter

30cm Premium PCIe 8Pin Splitter

Package included:

1pc x EPS (CPU) - Dual PCIE 8(6+2) Pin Power Cable cable

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