Fog Hashing B6D Immersion Mining Kit

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B6 is an immersion cooling case designed for professional mining

Can accommodate 6 Antminer S19.
For different numbers of miners, B6 can be flexibly deployed. It supports single deployment and modular deployment, just like building blocks.


Technical Specifications:

Outer size 1420(L)*575(W)*620(H) mm
N.W. / G.W. 130kg / 180kg -B6      110kg / 166kg-B6D
Total weight 230kg (with coolant and miners
Input voltage 3-phase 350-480V 50/60Hz  Single-phase 200-277V 50/60Hz
Output voltage Single-phase 200-277V 50/60Hz
Cooling capacity 30kW@30°C
Power Usage 400W(Max)
Operating temp -10°C ~ 40°C
Display 1.32” OLED Screen
Coolant volume 174L
Capacity 6 ASIC miners
Network  100Mbps Ethernet switch
External cooling Dry cooler/water cooling tower
Pipe diameter DN25(External thread diameter 32mm)
Max Inlet/Outlet Temp 45/60°C
INoise 55dB(A)-10m

B6D Dry Cooler

Technical Specifications:

Outer size 1560(L)*440(W)*952(H) mm
N.W. / G.W.  117kg / 133kg
Input voltage Single-phase 200-240V 50/60Hz
Heat Transfer 30kW@25°C 20kW@35°C
Operating temp -10°C ~ 40°C
Coolant capacity 14L
Power 580W x2
Air volume 13000m³/h
Noise 71dB(A)-10m
Pipe diameter DN25(External thread diameter 32mm)
Pipeline 5m x2


B6D Dry Accessories

● C20-C13 Adapter*12
● Miner handle*12
● Pipeline 5m*2
● Gasket*8
● Fan simulator*6 (Antminer)

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