Iceriver KS3M/L Hydro Cooling Conversion Kit

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Iceriver KS3M KS3L hydro cooling plate kit is a complete water-cooled plate kit containing 3 integrated water-cooling boards, cooling liquid manifolds, water pipes, a cover plate, connectors which are used to cool the miner's hash board.

The water block for miners can help the ASIC chip dissipate heat better, reduce a series of malfunctions caused by miners due to heat dissipation problems, and improve the mining efficiency of miners.

The KS3M/L Aluminum water block is easy to install and maintain. 
After installing the miner has low noise and energy saving, making it the first choice for home mining.

Fan emulators available here:
Mini 4Pin Fan Simulator - 12v

Thermal paste available here:
GD-2 Thermal Paste - 30g

Radiator Kit Available here
LianLi Watercooling Radiator Kit - 12kW
OCOCOO BC5 Water Cooling Radiator Kit


Kit Includes:

3x Iceriver KS3M KS3L water cooling plates
2x Water Separator Manifolds
8x Connector Flanges
1x Cover Plate
1x Water pipe x 4m (10mm OD)
1x Water pipe x 3m (13.5mm OD)

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