PCIe Riser Card - VER008C 12V 4Pin Molex

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VERSION 008C - 4Pin Molex

With Voltage Regulator Tube
4Pin MOLEX Power Connector

12V input voltage

Compatible with 6pin to 3 x 4Pin Molex splitter:


USB Cable Length: approx. 60cm
With 4x FP solid capacitors, making GPU power supply more stable
Compatible with 1x, 4x, 8x, 16x PCI-E slot on the motherboard
No driver needed
Dedicated for Crypto currency mining
Package included:
1pc x PCI-E 16X Adapter
1pc x PCI-E 1X Riser Board Blue
1pc x USB 3.0 Cable Blue
1pc x SATA 15Pin - Molex 4Pin Power Cable
1pc x Anti static bag