SQRL Acorn CLE-215+ FPGA & NestX2G Bundle

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Acorn CLE-215+

Acorn is the first-ever cryptocurrency mining card using best-in-class Xilinx FPGA chips in an M.2 slot. Ability to mine either independently using Windows or Linux

Acorn NestX2G

AcornNest X2G allows you to host two Acorn units in any PCIe 2.0 or greater x8 or x16 slot and provides four USB PCIe riser connections for GPUs without any special motherboard requirements.

Bit-streams Included: Tribus, Nervos, Zen Protocol

Kit Supplied:

2pc - SQRL Acorn CLE215+
1pc - AcornNest X2G
1pc - SQRL PCIE Riser Card

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