T-Global Silicone Thermal Putty - TG-PP10 - 100gm

T-Global Silicone Thermal Putty - TG-PP10 - 100gm

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TG-PP-10 is a high-performance silicone putty material which is designed to offer a low cost of ownership approach to thermal management. The product is a one-part, fully cured thixotropic putty which can be dispensed either manually or automatically for volume production. The product is form stable and can be used for applications such as automotive electronics, consumer electronics and medical devices.



  • Thermal Conductivity 10 W/mK
  • Single component silicone putty
  • Soft and ultra highly compressible for low stress applications
  • Suitable to fill gaps from 0.25mm - 8mm




1x Pot T-Global TG-PP10 Silicone Thermal Putty 100gm

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