USB Watchdog V5.0 - Unattended Automatic Restart

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USB Watchdog Timer Card V5.0, Unattended Automatic Restart


  • This product is designed to automatically restart computers when a blue screen crash occurs or on a timed interval, especially used in mining, servers, monitoring systems, etc.
  • Applicable to a variety of computer motherboards. Motherboards only require a Type-A USB interface.

Great for unattended continuous operation of:

  • Mining Rig
  • Servers
  • Surveillance systems
  • Gaming systems
  • Demonstration monitors

Technical Features:

  • Specified Program Monitoring
  • Scheduled Restart
  • Website Monitoring
  • Video Card Monitoring
  • Run Log Query
  • Support Forced Power off Restart
  • Support Win/Linux
  • Dual Capacitor, Equal Dual-Relay
  • Dual Control, Manual/Auto
  • Dual-core Monitoring Chip
  • Dual Timer-monitoring
  • High Quality Solid Capacitor


  1. Attach Pin 1 (PWR) to PW Switch positive on mainboard
  2. Attach Pin2 (RST) to RST positive on mainboard
  3. Attach Pin3 (L1) to HD LED negative
  4. Attach Pin4 (L2) to HD LED positive.
  5. Install Software, and configure. (NB. A link for software download will be sent to you via email)

Package Includes:
1pc x USB Watchdog
1pc x Header control cable

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