Nerdminer V2 Dongle

Nerdminer V2 Dongle

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Nerdminer Dongle

Are you ready to take your cryptocurrency mining game to the next level with ease and convenience? Look no further than the Nerdminer V2 Dongle – a compact, high-performance mining solution designed for tech enthusiasts, miners, and crypto aficionados. The Nerdminer V2 Dongle brings the extraordinary hashrate of the Nerdminer V2 Pro into a remarkably compact USB stick format. Whether you're a seasoned miner or just getting started, this powerful device offers an incredible mining experience.

Effortless Connection with USB-A

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the Nerdminer V2 Dongle effortlessly connects to your mining rig or PC through a standard USB-A port. Simply plug it in, and you're ready to harness the full potential of this mining powerhouse.

Upgrade Your Mining Experience Today

Unlock the full potential of your mining operations with the Nerdminer V2 Dongle. Harness the power of the Nerdminer V2 Pro in a convenient USB stick format. Whether you're a hobbyist miner or a professional, the Nerdminer V2 Dongle empowers you to mine cryptocurrency like a pro.

Join the Nerdminer Community

When you choose the Nerdminer V2 Dongle, you're not just investing in a mining device; you're becoming part of the Nerdminer community. Join our passionate community of miners and crypto enthusiasts who value innovation and excellence.

Instructions on how to setup the Miner:

Nerdminer Setup Instructions



~78 KH/s

Power Usage

<1 Watt - USB Type A


Wi-Fi 802.11

Drive Chip





BLE 5 + BT mesh


Package Includes:

1pc x Nerdminer V2 Dongle
1pc x Packaging Case

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