Nerdminer V2 Mini

Nerdminer V2 Mini

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The Nerdminer V2 Mini, a revolution in Bitcoin micro mining devices. This miner is your chance to win the 6.25 Bitcoin block reward, every 10 minutes, all while leaving a minimal footprint on your energy consumption only using 1 watts. Its called "lottery mining".

Because of its compact size and low noise while mining, it fits seamlessly into any space. The Nerdminer V2 Mini doesn’t just catch your eye with its sleek design – it’s also incredibly user-friendly. The setup is as easy as connecting to your Wi-Fi, entering your Bitcoin address, and start mining.

All software and components are open source and community driven by Bitmaker. The main goal is to learn more about Bitcoin mining and to have fun while having a fascinating piece of history on your desktop.

Your Nerdminer V2 Mini comes fully assembled and ready to mine.

Instructions on how to setup the Miner:
Nerdminer Setup Instructions


Dimensions LxWxH
3.5 × 2 × 1.2 cm

~74 KH/s

Power Usage

<1 Watt - USB Type C


Wi-Fi 802.11



Drive Chip





BLE 5 + BT mesh




Package Includes:

1pc x Nerdminer V2 Mini
1pc x Packaging Box

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