PCIe Riser Card - VER010S PLUS - 12V - 2 x 6PIN + 4PIN, 8x Solid Caps, 9x LED

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Premium PCIe USB Riser Card VERSION 010S PLUS


2 x 6Pin PCIE Power Connectors

1 x 4Pin Molex Power connector


6 x  Pulsing GPU power delivery LEDs

1x Riser input power indicator LED

1x 12V stability power indicator LED

1x PCIe 1x board connectivity indicator LED



  • Gold Plated USB Headers
  • 8x FP solid capacitors
  • Metal PCIE slot retention bracket
  • Butterfly GPU retention clip
  • SS34 High Power Schottky Rectifier
  • PTC Re-settable Polly Fuse (100A max rated)
  • 150 μH Shielded power inductor
  • 270μF 16VDC Capacitors
  • LM1084 LDO Voltage Regulator
  • PCE2PCE - NO9 - PCIE1x to USB adapter
  • USB Cable Length: approx. 60cm
  • SATA 15pin Male to 6pin power cable
  • Compatible with 1x, 4x, 8x, 16x PCI-E slot on the motherboard
  • No driver needed
  • 12V input voltage

Package included:
1pc x PCI-E 16X Riser Board - Black
1pc x PCI-E 1X to USB
1pc x USB 3.0 Cable - Black
1pc x SATA 15 Pin-6Pin Power Cable
1pc x Anti static bag

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